[Lobby Gallery] Unfamiliarity, Familiarity

2017.11.06-2017.12.08 /


Kim Na-ri has continued to work on ceramic heads and busts that stare straight ahead. The faces she makes from concrete shapes molded out of clay are images of happenstance whose results she has never predicted. These faces are thought to be something universal found somewhere in our lives while they at times appear alien when examined closely. Kim’s ceramic works give preference to our experience of facing oneself as a sign others see.

Jung Jung-yeop’s mirror works, on the other hand, denote our experience with communication as seen from the viewer’s point of view. Jung raises objects laden with others’ reminiscences to the level of art by his delicate hand based on mirrors he was given or collected himself. Placed in the Lobby Gallery after several exhibit spaces, a hand-stained mirror that reflects someone’s face welcomes new viewers.

Main works of Kim Na-ri

Kim Na-ri_Owl_Mixed clay, wood_Raku firing_110X40X45cm,2000 / My Deer(우리집 사슴)_ceramics_40X48.5X36.5cm, 2013

Kim Na-ri_Blue flower_ceramic_32×39×46cm, 2010

Main works of Jung Jung-yeop

Jung Jung-yeop_옆으로 흐르는 눈물_49 hand mirror on canvas_200×270cm, 2017

Jung Jung-yeop_모든 것을 기억하는 물_paint on the mirror_88×74.5×13cm, 2016

Jung Jung-yeop_네 방에 댄스홀을 허하라, acryl paint on the mirror_45×30.3cm, 2016

Jung Jung-yeop_숲으로 난 문_Painting on the mirror_41×32cm, 2017

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    • Unfamiliarity, Familiarity

      Period/ 2017.11.06 ~ 2017.12.08

      Venue/ Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation lobby

      Participated artists/ Kim Na-ri, Jung Jung yeop

      Opening/ 2017.11.06 Mon. 18:00

    • Hosted and Organized by/ Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

      Open hours/ Mon. ~ Fri. 9:00 ~ 18:00

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