[2018 Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus] Spring and Sky, MMM

2018.05.18 /

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You can hear the entire soundtrack of performance from the following link.


M3 X Kyungso Park

The dark ground is permeated with water. The molecules of water have penetrated here and there as even they were not aware of going to where. Spring has come. I have waited the spring for so long and it has come to me already. It has brought the green in so deeply and now it would disappear in a flash.

Water will not stop.
Spring will not be caught.

Come to me and leave. It is you that I will be embraced.

The sky has been there always and it has painted differently each time. It calmly shook the world.

Kyoungso Park

M3_Opening Performance_Spring and Sky, MMM

The performance is to celebrate the opening of M3, the new space at Gyeonggi Sangsang Space. This is an ‘audience moving type’ performance that the music can be heard differently depends on the space structure and the location of audience. There are eight difference spaces numbered from #0 to #7 throughout the building from the first floor to the rooftop. Gayageum players from G1 to G9 are in each space and they start the music of its own space when the audiences enter. In order to listen to the music, the audiences should follow minimum rules made by the space’s original nature. However, this depends on the free will of the audience.

With the imagining of M3's past and its future role, we made this work hoping to be an open space where various opportunities coexist.

G1 Gyeongso Park / G2 Suyeong Ha / G3 Hyein Min / G4 Yeonsu Ham / G5 Jiyoung Lee / G6 Jihye Yim / G7 Jongyeong Hong / G8 Semi Moon / G9 Semin Ahn

Kyungso Park

M3_Spring and Sky, MMM_Sound Map

M3_Spring and Sky, MMM_Performance Sketch

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