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Artists’ creation village

Heyri is the village for artists. About 380 artists including painters, musicians, writers, and architects with a shared purpose settled down at a wasteland in Paju where they created roads, gardens, and houses on a deserted 150,000-pyeong field. However, there were rules when initially establishing a village together. Asphalt should not be used to pave the roads and buildings must neither be taller than 3 floors nor have walls while constructing the town with the natural appearance of the mountains, hills, swamps, and brooks. Thus, Heyri Valley naturally blended into the earth and the town itself became a piece of art.

In the village, many establishments have been set up including residences of the artists as well as their studios, galleries, museums, small theaters, cafes, and restaurants. In the individual spaces, creative activities of the artists take place in addition to exhibits and performances. As you look around the places where you may experience diverse cultural arts before concentrating on an interesting exhibition or performance, a day seems too short. The village also serves to host exchanges with the artists. A variety of cultural arts festivals are held every weekend in different seasons so you will be able to enjoy a livelier Heyri if you check the schedule prior to a visit.

The closest way to enjoy Heyri Art Valley is to slowly walk through and around it. Though you may not be able to reach every different corner of the vast space, uniquely shaped structures and sculptures you will encounter during your stroll through the village give you no time to be idle. The entire village is like a large outdoor gallery. There are several chairs along the stream flowing through and below a reed swamp located at the center of the village so you may take a rest whenever you need. If you get tired from walking, Heyri circulating tour bus may be used.

If it is your first time visiting Heyri, you may not know where to look first in such a vast space. To experience various corners of Heyri Art Valley that features many things to see and enjoy, it is a good idea to first stop by the community house, located between No. 8 and 9 entrances at the eastern end of the village, to obtain a map and information of the town. Packages of various exhibition spaces and experience programs are being sold at the general information office at the entrance of the valley so, if you purchase it in advance, you may experience various events at an affordable price.

Written and photos by Park Hee-eun

Website www.heyri.net

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