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Breath of Yulgok encountered at the foot of Jaunsan Mountain

When asked about the most famous mother and son in the history of our country, many would name Yulgok Yi I and Shin Saimdang before any other. They are still talked about even generations after their time as both of them are printed on Korean won bills. They are asleep with their family at the foot of Jaunsan Mountain in Beopwon-eup, Paju where Jaunseowon Confucian Academy that pays a tribute to Yulgok’s studies and virtue as well as Yulgok Memorial Hall, which exhibits his relics and life stories, are located. Recognized of its importance of having collected many remains related to Yulgok in a single location, Historic Site Related to Yi I, Paju was designated as Historic Site No. 525.

At the center of Yi I Site, a lawn plaza held in the bosom of Jaunsan Mountain is stretched out, surrounded by various historic remains. From the left, the memorial stone, or Sindobi, of Yi I, which records his biography, Jaunseowon Confucian Academy and the tomb of Yulgok’s family can be viewed in order.

Once you enter through Oesammun, the front gate of Jaunseowon Confucian Academy, you see two zelkova trees located on each side of the building and standing firmly for several hundred years. Having taken strong root for centuries, the trees add dignity to a tranquil atmosphere of the place. As you move to the back of a lecture hall, another gate stands. Go through the gate and walk up steep stairs to find a small shrine at the highest ground where the portrait of the deceased Yi I is enshrined. During every spring and fall, a ceremonial rite for Yulgok as well as his beloved pupils, Gim Jang-saeng and Park Se-chae, is held.

If you are looking for a spot from which the essence of Jaunseowon Confucian Academy may be experienced, I recommend you to stand below eaves with your back against the shrine with an octagonal roof. You can bathe under warm sunshine and enjoy the scenery of the site at a glance while standing below the shrine that faces south.

To check out the tomb and memorial hall of Yulgok after exiting Jaunseowon Confucian Academy, it is possible to head directly alongside the pond, you may also go around on a Jaunsan Mountain stroll path through a side door on the west side. The tomb of Yulgok’s family is seated in the midst of a thickly wooded forest of Jaunsan Mountain. Tombs of Yulgok and his wife, Goksan No clan, are at the center and, just below, a common grave of Yi I’s oldest brother, Yi Seon, and his wife, Mrs. Kwak, is located while, at the lowest part, a common grave of Yi I’s parents, Yi Won-su and Shin Saimdang, is seated. Yi I’s tomb has a simple appearance compared to his reputation. Yulgok Memorial Hall is a structure built as an octagonal pavilion and established as a space that exhibits and enables an experience of materials related to Yulgok.

Written and photos by Park Hee-eun

Website tour.paju.go.kr

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    • Historic Site Related to Yi I, Paju

      Address/ 204, Jaunseowon-ro Beopwon-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

      Contact/ 031-958-1749

      Hours of operation/ 9:00-18:00

      Closed on/ Mondays

      Admission/ 1,000 KRW

      Website/ tour.paju.go.kr

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