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A tableful of herbs

Farmers Table, located in Yeoncheon’s Herb Village, is situated inside a greenhouse filled with the scent of herbs. The entire wall on one side is made of glass so it makes you feel as if you are dining at a garden.

The signature menu at Farmers Table is the House Set that features organic vegetables and natural herbs.

While you enjoy a bowl of soup, fresh salad, and pre-meal bread that temporarily soothes your starving stomach, the main dish comes out. A sophisticated plating, which makes you reluctant to eat it right away, and flavorful rosemary stimulate your appetite. Cut bacon-wrapped asparagus in proper sizes and put it in your mouth with soft beef tenderloin, which calls for a sip of wine. The rich sauce for the steak does not have a strong flavor and is not oily to go well with the meat and present a simple taste while maintaining the beef stock.

Tomato pasta with fresh seafood and shrimps grabs your visual and olfactory attention immediately after the dish is placed on the table. The beautiful scallop like the one from children’s stories compels you to hold up a camera first before a fork. The sweet and salty tomato sauce and gooey pasta noodles continue to create a tornado in my mouth as the dish becomes empty. After you enjoy a cup of coffee offered as a dessert and head towards the herb greenhouse, a table of herbs that began from your eyes wraps your entire body.

Written and photos by Ko Yeon-joo

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    • Farmers Table

      Address/ 222, Buksam-ri, Wangjing-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do

      Contact/ 031-833-1811

      Hours of operation/ Open year round, 10:00-21:30 every day

      Extra/ Free parking, group seats available Located inside the Herb Village in Yeoncheon

      Menu/ - House Set: 35,000 KRW (1 glass of wine, Soup of the Day, Green Salad, Scallop, Shrimps, Beef Tenderloin Steak, Coffee) - Tomato Pasta: 17,000 KRW

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