[Gyeonggi Creation-Center] Introduction to 2018 Gyeonggi Creation-Center Artist in Residence : KWON OH-SHIN

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2018 residents of Gyeonggi Creation-Center can be found at the Gyeonggi Creation Center website (http://gcc.ggcf.kr/). 

2018 Gyeonggi Creation-Center Artist in Residence : KWON OH-SHIN

Ellis meets Schubert.KWON OH-SHIN|2016|mixed media on canvas, drawing, collage|50x50cm(x2)

[ Artist Note ]

Each day, we experience new and unprecedented situations. And each day, these new situations are stored away in our memory banks, where they begin to take on a life of their own. They begin a journey through our consciousness, and these journeys form a web of myriad tales, which may be shaped further by new situations that we encounter. Memories that ought to be accurate may be faulty, and even altogether false. These phenomena testify to the bizarre and mysterious nature of memory. Our memories of times past, what( we are sure )happened when and where, are actually memories of internal “ times, ” which are reformulated by the passage of time and stimuli from the surrounding environment. Thoughts like these bring me back to the days of my childhood. Yet when I recall my childhood days, I am not returning to a past time, but creating a new time.

< memory no.8 >

memoryno.8|KWON OH-SHIN|2006|lithograph|100x140cm|

Japan Machida Municipal International Printmaking Museum

< Neverland no.1406 >

NEVERLAND no.1406|KWON OH-SHIN|2014|mixed media on canvas, lithograph, drawing, collage|

50x100cm|Incheon Arts Foundation Art Bank

Walking troopsKWON OH-SHIN|2017|drawing|50x50cm(x4)

Andante_Prestissimo volando|KWON OH-SHIN|2015|drawing|20x68cm

休|KWON OH-SHIN|2015| mixed media on canvas, drawing, collage|30x100cm

Biography of Artist



B.F.A&M.F.A Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

M.F.A&Ph.D Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan

Solo Exhibitions

2017 “ traveler ”, (Far Beyond Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2015 “ memory in forest ”, (1Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

Group Exhibitions

2017 “ PPAM(Print Photo Art Market)2017 ", (Blue Square Interpark NEMO, Seoul, Korea)

2017 “ ART BUSAN ”, (BEXCO, Busan, Korea)

Selected Awards

2011 “ Printmaking&Information-nomination contest ”, Grand Prize(Art in Culture Prize), Korea

Residency program

2018 “ Gyeonggi Creation Center of Education Resident Artist ”, Korea

2014 “ UJUNG Art Center of Art Resident Artist ”, Korea

2013 “ OCI Museum of Art Resident Artist ”, Korea 

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