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2018 Gyeonggi Creation-Center Artist in Residence : Yonji Chung

Vacant HouseYonji Chung|2016|Exhibition view

[ Artist Note ]

Beginning in 2016, I started to paint the series of landscape scenes, < Vacant House >, with a subject of the redevelopment area. The space that is designated as an outdated and will be destroyed is the place where somebody's past has been accumulated. I have felt the sense of crisis of losing all the memories of the space, not just losing the space itself, while observing the redevelopment area that has become impossible to return to. Past is the beginning of the present and the center of the present. As an extension of this meaning, I set this disappearing space as ' home ' and defined those who lost the place to return to as ‘ homeless. ’ I want to express the feelings of those who lost and missing ‘ home ’ on my precise drawing work. At the same time, I plan to study my deep attachment to space and hometown.


JungdongYonji Chung|2013|Silk on India ink, pencil|45x45cm

GongdukYonji Chung|2014|Silk on India ink, pencil|180x40cm

Ahhyun-dongYonji Chung|2014|Silk on India ink, pencil|180x40cm

MapoYonji Chung|2014|Silk on India ink, pencil|180x40cm

73, Cheongwadae-ro|Yonji Chung|2014|Silk on India ink, pencil|200x100cm

The ' Returning Home ' series based on the ' Returning Home ' of the Chosun Dynasty begins with a desire to leave somewhere. Like the journey of Do Yeon-myung who went looking for the Utopia,I put together images so that I could see them at a glance.

Night time >

Night timeYonji Chung|2016|paper screen on ink|72x50cm

Night time|Yonji Chung|2016|Digital pigment print|33x50cm

As I moved to Bukseong-ro, Daegu, I experienced the change caused by urban development. Then I began to record the night time of the surrounding spaces during the year. The landscape of this time is the coming past of new thing, it is because the morning always begins at night.

< lost stars >

lost stars|Yonji Chung|2018|fabric on mixed material|112x146

Biography of Artist

Yonji Chung


2014 MFA in Oriental painting, Hongik University, Korea

2010 BFA in Oriental painting, Hongik University, Korea

Solo exhibitions

2018 < several ways >, CHOIJUNGAH gallery, Seoul

2018 < Lost Stars >, Hongik university Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

Group exhibitions

2018 < Showcase >, Sungbhin Women's University, Seoul

2018 < The Way Home >, Suwon Art Center, Suwon

2018 < Unoffocial Discourser >, Gyeonggi Creation Center , Gyeonggi-do

2018 < a plump bag >, Lusida gallery, Jinju


2018 Gyeonggi Creation Center , Gyeonggi-do

2017 Suncheon Art Village, Suncheon

2016 Artist in Residency, Daeguartfactory, Daegu

2015-2014 Artist in Residency, Kumho Artist Studio, Seoul

2013 Artist in Residency, Daegu Art Square, Daegu


Natiomal Museum of Contemporary Art

Seoul Museum of Art

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Suwon Cultural Foundation


Kongkan gallery

Scalatium Art Space and Private Collections

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