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This catalogue is published in conjunction with 2017-2018 Korea–Germany Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition Irony & Idealism. It documents all exhibitions and artworks at 3 venues in Korea and Germany-Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, KF Gallery and Kunsthalle Münster-from September 2017 until September 2018.


Born 1964 in Seoul, lives and works in Seoul.

1996 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf

1987 B.F.A. in sculpture, Seoul National University, Seoul

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 Subsidiary Construction, Perrotin Gallery HK, Hong Kong

2016 Xijing Is Not Xijing, Therefore Xijing Is Xijing, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

2015 World of Xijing, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

2014 Blue Hours, Kukje Gallery, Seoul

2013 Good Labor Bad Art, Plateau, Samsung Museum, Seoul

           The Xijing Men, H&R Block Artspace, Kansas City

2011 Ordinary Strangers, Artsonje Center, Seoul

           Xijing, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice

2010 Antithesis of Boundaries, Tina Kim Gallery, New York

2008 In through the out door, Kukje gallery, Seoul


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nijo Castle(Nijojo), Kyoto Art Center,


          The 1st Oku-Noto Triennale, Suzu City

          Theater of the World, Guggenheim Museum, New York

          The Other Face of the Moon, Space 4, ACC Creation, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju

          2016 Alice in Crisis, DIO HORIA Contemporary Art Platform, Mykonos

          The 3rd Nanjing International Arts Festival "HISTORICODE: Scarcity and Supply", Nanjing Bai Jia Lake

          Art Museum, Nanjing

          As the Moon Waxes and Wanes, MMCA Gwacheon, Gwacheon

2015 Double Take, Nature Morte, New Delhi

          Space Life, Ilmin Museum, Seoul

2014 Zeitgeist Korea, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

          Ebisu International Festival Art and Alternative Visions 2014: True Colors, Tokyo Metropolitan

        Museum of Photography, Tokyo

          Utopian days×Freedom, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

          K-P.O.P., Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei(MOCATP), Taipei

          Yokohama Triennale 2014 Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama

          Koganecho Bazaar 2014: Fictive Communities Asia, Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama

          Future Fictions, Z33 Kunstencentrum (Art Museum Z33), Hasselt, Belgium



Artsonje Center, Seoul

Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto

Posco Museum, Seoul

Le Consortium, Dijon

Museum of Fin Arts, Houston (MFAH), Huston

National Museum of Contemporary Art

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa Gyeonggi Museum of Moderne Art, Ansan

Seoul Museum of Art(SeMA), Seoul Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul The Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA), Brisbane

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles

1. Solitude of Silence (in Korea) resin, clothes, fabric a driver 93×98×110cm, a student 67×177×44cm, dancers 147×213×42cm, 2017

2. Untitled (Big wall) water paint on wall, courtesy of the artist and Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, 2017

3. People Objective-Of Ordinary Art (video A) single channel video, color, sound, 31min 19sec, Performed by Choi Bo-kwang, Cho Younggyu, Kim Yuna, Shon Gomyung, Lee Hyun-geol, 2011

3-1. People Objective-Of Ordinary Art (video B) single channel, video, color, 31min 34sec, Translation: Iris Moon, 2011

4. Journey to the World Songs single channel video, DVD from HD original, color, sound, 12min 57sec, 2006

5. Jeju Island single channel video, color, no sound, 16:9 ratio, 20min 45sec, 2004

6. G5 single channel video, color, sound, 4:3 ratio, 17min 14sec, coutresy of the artist and artsonje center, 2004

7. MOP-131209 urethane paint on canvas, 120×120cm, coutresy of the artist and Kukje Gallery, 2013

8. MOP-131211 urethane paint on canvas, 120×120cm, coutresy of the artist and Kukje Gallery, 2013

Reviews - Facing a Big Wall by Gimhongsok

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