[Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art] 2020 Permanent Educational Exhibition 《Painting》

2020.04.28-2020.11.29 /

[Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art]

2020 Permanent Educational Exhibition 《Painting》

■ Exhibition Summary

○ Period: April 28th (Tue), 2020 ~ Nov. 29th (Sun), 2020

  – Under rules for , the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art will be gradually reopening, starting from May 12th (Tue).

  – During the 1st month, the number of visitors will be restricted to 50 to 80 persons per time period to maintain the ‘2 meters distancing’ in the exhibition area.

  – Since it will be operating using advance reservation, visitation without on-line reservations will be restricted.

○ Place: Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

○ Supervisor: GyeongGi Cultural Foundation

○ Organizer: Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

○ Participating Artists: Lee Myung Mi, Chung Hee Min, Jung Jung Yeob, Lee Dong Gi, Jeong Zik Seong, Kong Sung Hun, Bin Woo Hyuk, Ha Chong Hyun, Park Kyung Ryul, Ahn Ji San, Concreate Lab

○ Sponsors: SandollCloud, Samhwa Paints Industrial Co., Ltd.

○ Musical Support and Provider: Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra

  From ancient history, humans have drawn pictures. From ancient to modern humans, we have expressed ourselves throughout painting, perhaps even prior to language. When we look this art, we can see individual patterns. When observing material, a person or a moment, people observe, acknowledge and express ideas about an object throughout their own experience. This causes them to self-examine. Especially, painting requires more time to truly appreciate in observation, because it is representative. When painting while observing a picture, people create images after careful observation, to recreate in some way the image in the picture. Throughout this artistic process, people discover much that can be disregarded or ignored. Paintings composed of discoveries made during an observation period can convey numerous decisions made by the artist, as painting transfers a three-dimensional world onto two dimensions. It conventionalizes and interprets the objects it represents. The many layers in water color paintings, ink layers in engraving, and the streams of time built into a portrait are the results of collected observations by the artist. Artists express these impressions by observing objects enthusiastically overtime. Because artists are able to do this, paintings make us see through the world better.

  Though it is a finished surface when we see a completed drawing, its process of creation requires layers of endless reiteration. The process crystalizes the labor and time of the artist. It also makes us rediscover the objects, people, and moments that we thought we understood, and those that we recognize well in our daily lives. A painting is the result of a performance, an endeavor of time by the artist, and the emotions that people feel, intuitively, emanating from masterpieces are auras indicating the presence of that time and labor. As David Hockney once mentioned, the desire for drawing resides deep inside of us. We can recognize it by watching children, when they draw pictures. Even though most of the people have lost these desires as they age, some people cherish them and never lose them. Collections in 《Painting》 are masterpieces of artists who have preserved and revealed the desire to draw hidden deep inside of us. We’d like you to patiently and carefully meet these paintings that have preserved the objects observed by the artists throughout their labors. We do hope you to have time to rediscover the world more and see how layers have been added to this expressive existence.

■ Main Collections

1. Lee Myung Mi: Play-Object Painting, Oil Painting on Canvas, 194x260cm, 1985 Daegu Art Museum collections

2. Chung Hee Min: Juicy Fruity Imported Body, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, Gel Medium, 226x380cm, 2020

3. Jung Jung Yeob: The First Supper 2, Oil Painting on Canvas 50x 100cm, 2019 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art collections

4. Lee Dong Gi: Back Stage, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 140x240cm, 2014 ⓒDongi Lee/PIBI GALLERY

5. Jeong Zik Seong: 200916, Oil Painting on Canvas, 194x259cm, 2009 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Collections

6. Kong Sung Hun: Stone Throwing, Oil Painting on Canvas, 193.9×130.3cm, 2017 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art collections

7. Bin Woo Hyuk: Abyss, Oil Painting on Canvas, 195x350cm, 2019 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Collections

8. Ha Chong Hyun: Conjunction 8, Oil on Pushed from back of Hempen Cloth, 220x360cm, 1983 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art collections

9. Park Kyung Ryul: Meeting Place, Oil on Canvas, Oil on Paper, Wrapped Painting, Ceramic, Wooden Stick, Sponge, Masking Tape, Orange, Plaster on Styrofoam, Acrylic Pipe, Industrial Products, Clay, Wooden Frame, Dimensions Variable, 2018 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art collections

10. Ahn Ji San: Hand Soaking, Oil Painting on Canvas, 45.5x38cm, 2015

11. Concreate Lab: Indefinite Painting, Projector, Kinect Sensor, Computer, Custom made Software, Tracker, Variable installation, 2020

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