[Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art] 2020 Site of Contemporary Art 《Us Against You》

2020.04.17-2020.08.30 /

[Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art]

2020 Site of Contemporary Art 《Us Against You》

■ Exhibition Summary

○ Period of Exhibition: Apr. 17th, 2020 ~ Aug. 30th, 2020

  – Under rules for <Social Distancing>, the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art will be gradually reopening, starting from May 12th (Tue).

  – During the 1st month, the number of visitors will be restricted to 50 to 80 persons per time period to maintain the ‘2 meters distancing’ in the exhibition area.

  – Since it will be operating using advance reservation, visitation without on-line reservations will be restricted.

Supervisor: GyeongGi Cultural Foundation

 Organizer: Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

 Participating Artists: Byungjun Kwon, Kyuho Kim, Jinah Roh, Samson Young, Sonia Khurana, Xuezhe Shen, Acrobatic Cosmos, Art Labor, Woosung Lee, Jangwon Lee, Jinkyoung Jun, Part-time Suite, Yunju Hwang

 Sponsors: Samhwa Paints Industrial Co., Ltd.


▲ Kyuho Kim: Us Against You, 2020, Graphic Design

  The subject of <Us Against You> contains the meaning ‘We and you, different from us’ and also the concept that we already have relationships with you all.

  Who are we, as we acknowledge ourselves as human? What makes us human? It is not easy to define the boundaries of the human, as it is not difficult to say that those who are human can live as cyborgs, with parts of their body integrated with machines - like artificial hearts. New viruses penetrate us no matter how hard we protect us from them, and personal information that identify ourselves are leaking into the world, no matter how careful we are. We are not same and unique beings that we were yesterday. We are material-informational entities ceaselessly being recomposed.

  Hence, who are you? You are beings from other parts of the world, singing in different languages, having different shapes and sometimes existing outside of legal confines. Theses ‘differences’ are minor ones, but you will be in visible existence only when escaping from Korea, with the male, political citizen and anthropocentrism at the end. You are stranger, female, plants and animals, machine and the earth.

  In <Us Against You>, we can examine who the neighbors are as we will live together, and what kinds of relations of coexistence and cooperation they suggest. <Us Against You> vividly shows a changing world, various beings and artists' masterpieces shouting out at each part of their cooperation. This is the shape of “us”, and a world that generates relations of coincidence, action and interdependence.

■ Main Collections

1. Xuezhe Shen: Stranger series, 2014-2018, inkjet print, 105x77cm

2. Byungjun Kwon: Forest of Subtle Truth 4 (The lullabies of the multicultural family), 2019, headphones, location recognition system, dimensions variable

3. Yunju Hwang: H’s Dishware, 2016 –, old dishes, dimensions variable

4. Samson Young: We are the World, 2017, video, color, 8-channel sound installation 5:26, dimensions variable

5. Sonia Khurana: Lying-down-on-the-ground: additional notes, 2011, lightbox, single channel video, B&W, sound, 6:26

6. Jinah Roh: Mater Ex Machine, 2019, interactive robotics, mixed media, 60x180x50cm

7. Jinkyoung Jun: The inside of a yard, 2020, mixed media, dimensions variable

8. Jangwon Lee: Wilson, 2020, STS Gold Mirror, Software, Embedded PC, Motor, Sensor, Honeycomb Paper, 1400x1600x200cm

9. Woosung Lee: Candlelights, 2016 – 2017, drawing animation, B&W, sound, 4:46

10. Art Labor: Jrai Dew Hammock café, 2020, kites, hammocks, LED sign, Corrugated iron sculpture, dimensions variable

11. Acrobatic Cosmos: Optimal Gestures, 2020, 3-channel sound installation, mixed media, dimensions variable

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