Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation’s ‘Exhibition Inside’ open to the public

Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation’s ‘Exhibition Inside’ 

▶ Displays are made for the provincial public who would find it hard to view due to COVID-19, so they can enjoy them at home.

▶ Explicit exhibition interpretation with around 3 minutes of short length, easy to understand text.

GyeongGi Cultural Foundation publicly opens an on-line tour video ‘Exhibition Inside’ on its official YouTube channel for provincial residents trapped at home due to the spread of COVID-19, so they can enjoy the exhibition in their living rooms.

The official YouTube channel of Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, initiated in 2011, possesses more than 1,000 video items, and does its best to produce foundational, original content reflecting recent trends. Career exploring video series for job applicants, and a web drama show 《Suspicious Treasure Map》 manufactured last year, have been popular, with up to 300,000 and 100,000, respectively. This year, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation is putting a lot of effort in creating on-line video content, alternating between events and exhibitions that have been halted by COVID-19. On the foundation’s YouTube channel, video content such as education, performances, and exhibitions, will be uploaded. Among them, ‘Exhibition Inside’ is the first original series of Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation in 2020 with the theme of major exhibitions by affiliated museums of Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation.

‘Exhibition Inside’ is YouTube content displaying exhibitions done by affiliated museums of Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, where the curator explains core pieces of work by depicting 3 ~ 4 in the exhibition. The feature is to briefly show the exhibition by organizing it in short lengths of around 3 minutes. Furthermore, easy to understand commentary about the work, avoiding difficult technical terms, will help the provincial gain better access to the exhibitions and art work.

We’d like to introduce 《We and you》, publicly opened video in May 29th. This is a special, ongoing exhibition at Gyeonggi Art Museum, the first part of ‘Exhibition Inside’. The curator responsible for the exhibition, Curator, Lee Suyeong, will describe the themes and major art work of the exhibition.

Yerang Lee, the SNS manager for GyeongGi Cultural Foundation, said, “’Exhibition Inside’ is not just a result of the exhibition but its own content. ‘Exhibition Inside’ will communicate with audiences even after the drawing down of the curtain. I would be pleased if vivid impressions of the exhibition site reach many people through ‘Exhibition Inside’, especially as it is difficult to freely visit museums due to COVID-19 at this time.”

‘Exhibition Inside’ will be produced for 9 series until the end of this year. The 2nd one is to be 《Prime Minister Jae Gong Chae, Together with Silhak, Realist School of Confucianism》, a jointly planned exhibition by The Museum of Silhak•Suwon Hwaseong Museum. ‘Exhibition Inside’ can be watched on the official YouTube site ( of the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation.

▶ For detailed information, please check on the YouTube channel of the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation.

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