[Jeongok Prehistory Museum] Scribbles drawn by museum, Graffiti: Contain primitive earth

Scribbles drawn by museum, Graffiti :

Contain primitive earth

▶ Jeongok Prehistory Museum, Year 2020 new graffiti drawing with XEVA artists

▶ Museum’s new collections and 250㎡ of large scale work on the subject of earth’s primitive images

▶Bright and hopeful image wishing invigoration of local culture shrink by COVID-19

▲ Large sized graffiti 'Track of History' of Jeongok Prehistory Museum

Broom sound comes into hearing, sweeping off old paint powder on a concrete road. It is the preliminary work of a new graffiti jointly designed by XEVA (Seung Baek Yu), the artist representing Korea, and Jeongok Prehistory Museum (Director Han Yong Lee). Jeongok Prehistory Museum and XEVA have carried on large scaled graffiti productions 5 times, staring from 2017 with themes such as the history of the earth and the volcanic topography of the Hantangang river.

It could be awkward combining graffiti with typical urban culture and the northernmost public museum of Gyeonggi-do province. Nevertheless, Jeongok Prehistory Museum created it to show the long story of the earth, at a glance, by binding the powerful energy of graffiti lines and colors together with volcanic tomography dynamics. Jeongok Prehistory Museum and XEVA infuse graffiti with the vitality of the Hantangang River’s nature by covering new art work in layers every year, without repairmen or the preservation of completed art work, for the purpose of showing the meaning of the natural disappearance of graffiti and humanity’s traces in nature.

The graffiti “Track of History”, newly organized at this time in 2020, is a reconstructed art work with modern color tracks on the ground floor, done by modernizing the ground plane according to Macro-Environmental changes of the primitive earth, and showing the relics discovered there. The grey concrete path (250㎡) leading to the museum has adapted to the track of the graffiti as if the race of the time is present, and from above, the museum's new collection of fossils - Mesosaurus, ammonites, and trilobites - in images are waiting for departure. Behind it, images from barrier stones of familiar minerals produced by time - amethysts, stalactite, brilliant bitmus with geometric charms and iron pyrites called 'fool’s gold' - are leading way to the entrance of the museum.

In this art work, brighter and more powerful colors than in the previous art work are used to invigorate the local culture which, has contracted due to COVID-19. Through this, the visitors who are walking to the museum over graffiti are provided with the experience of walking on a billion years of history, and the various colors of the earth. Furthermore, the video containing the process of graffiti production can be seen on the YouTube channel of Jeongok Prehistory Museum. The Graffiti of Jeongok Prehistory Museum will be visible to anyone who visits the museum after easing of social distancing due to COVID-19.

▶ For detailed information, please check on YouTube channel of Jeongok Prehistory Museum

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