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where the sea breeze accompanies you

Promenade to an island on a mud flat

where the sea breeze accompanies you

There's nothing. Only wind is blowing in the mud flat where the tide went out. The only thing visible is three wind power generators standing side by side. It is not easy to see how far away they are from here. I sit on the mud flat instead of hurrying toward another place. The large and small holes in the mud flat at low tide are the home of living things. Japanese ghost crabs and three-spined shore crabs are busy building houses, with their bodies all covered with mud. Countless crayfish and lugworms are crawling here and there that no one needs to catch them to see them closely.

A child who came for a mud flat experience with his family says, "Dad, here, here!" Whenever he turns over a stone, his basket becomes heavier. When he leaves the mud flat, he is covered with mud like those crabs. He keeps looking back, sad to leave.

The distance from the mud flat to Nueseom Island is 1.5 kilometers. You can walk there through a road that opens only during low tide. It varies from time to time but the road remains open for about four hours a day. The wind power generators, which seemed beautiful from afar, show off their imposing size at a closer distance. These 100-meter-high generators produce 3,696 megawatts of electricity per day. Nueseom ("nue" meaning silkworm), an uninhabited island that resembles a crawling silkworm, has a lighthouse observatory.

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    • Nueseom Lighthouse Observatory

      Address/ 17-156, Daebuhwanggeum-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

      Open hours/ 09:00-18:00 (Closing at 17:00 from November to February)

      Closed/ Mondays, January 1. Seollal, and Chuseok

    • Contact/ Inquiries: Ansan Fishing Village Folk Museum - 032-886-0126

      Web/ www.daebudo.com

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