M3 is a conversion and complex culture platform at Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus which is an experimental space and laboratory for creators and citizens. Through pilot projects in 2018, a variety of researches and experiments will be conducted such as M3_Curatorial Project, M3_Collaboration Project, M3_Open Platform, and M3_Network (linked to the Youth Festival).


_WHEN : May 18th, 2018 / 15:00

_WHERE : Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus M3 Multi Bunker



The 'Porosity Space' is an urban architectural concept established by Walter Benjamin. He left Germany in 1924 and stayed in Naples, Italy, where he was inspired by the Mediterranean 'non-borderness’ which is different from a modern city where the private and public spheres are separated.

In a nutshell, each space in an art museum has precisely defined function and purpose. An exhibition room is the space for exhibiting works, an archive room is the space for browsing archived materials, a café or a restaurant is the space for enjoying simple relaxation and leisure, an art shop is the space for selling exhibition catalogs, posters or designer products, and a conference hall is the place where various lectures and discussions take place.

However, M3 does not define anything. Since it is an undefined neutral space, it is empty but also has possibilities to be filled up. It is not determined to fill this neutral space with what. Including the multi-bunker, individual spaces within M3 can be freely modified as ‘module’ depends on the user's intent.


m X m X m = m³

To measure volume of a three-dimensional figure means to calculate how much space the figure takes in the three-dimensional place. The formula for calculating a cube with 1m side length is as above. Replace the small letter ‘m’ with a capital letter as following.

m³ = M3

M3 is the formula for calculating a volume. However, it is not a formula for 1 calculating how much space does air, water, or sand takes, but a formula for calculating how much imagination of users can be expanded through M3.

χ × M3 = χM3 ( χ = User’s imagination)

M3 is a space that is infinitely expanded or amplified according to the user's imagination. Use M3 and freely substitute your imagination with the variable χ.


1. M3_Curatorial Project

This project is to experiment the building and space of M3 as materials for project planning and designing. It is to explore and experiment various possibilities such as commission projects, show cases, pop-up stores, experimental workshop performances, exhibitions and so on.

2. M3_Collaboration Project

We will promote and experiment collaborative projects, multi-genre or multi-media, interdisciplinary art producers or groups to build a unique identity and distinctiveness of M3. We will maximize space efficiency by freely making use of M3 and Sangsang Campus, and share the results in various forms such as show cases, performances, exhibitions, and education.

3. M3_Open Platform

This project is to offer citizens free access and use of inside and outside space of M3_Multi-bunker to create contents. Through this, we will explore the possibilities as an open platform where the imagination and creativity of citizen creators can be amplified.

4. M3_Network (Linked to the Youth Festival)

This program is to establish a platform for establishing and exchanging network of related domestic and overseas organizations through the planning and management of the M3 Convergence and Complex Conference. Instead of formal and rigid networking, we will plan and promote experimental networking and conferences in the form of parties and festivals.

M3 X Kyungso Park

The dark ground is permeated with water. The molecules of water have penetrated here and there as even they were not aware of going to where. Spring has come. I have waited the spring for so long and it has come to me already. It has brought the green in so deeply and now it would disappear in a flash.

Water will not stop.

Spring will not be caught.

Come to me and leave. It is you that I will be embraced. The sky has been there always and it has painted differently each time. It calmly shook the world.

TEXT / Kyungso Park


The performance is to celebrate the opening of M3, the new space at Gyeonggi Sangsang Space. This is an ‘audience moving type’ performance that the music can be heard differently depends on the space structure and the location of audience. There are eight difference spaces numbered from #0 to #7 throughout the building from the first floor to the rooftop. Gayageum players from G1 to G9 are in each space and they start the music of its own space when the audiences enter. In order to listen to the music, the audiences should follow minimum rules made by the space’s original nature. However, this depends on the free will of the audience.

With the imagining of M3's past and its future role, we made this work hoping to be an open space where various opportunities coexist.

G1 Kyungso Park / G2 Suyeong Ha / G3 Hyein Min / G4 Yeonsu Ham / G5 Jiyoung Lee / G6 Jihye Yim / G7 Jongyeong Hong / G8 Semi Moon / G9 Semin Ahn

TEXT / Kyoungso Park

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    About/ Located on the former site of Seoul National University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus was reopened in June, 2016 as a complex cultural space that combines living culture and youth culture. With its lush forests, promenades, diverse cultural arts and nature, Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus aims to reborn as a new cultural and resting place with the mission of everyone’s campus to experiment and imagine the future.

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