[The Neighborhood Artists] The House of Links

Suwon_Insook Hong’s Studio

A Dictionary of Soojak:

Words and hands,

And exchanging cups of liquor

I was frustrated. The artist was an eloquent speaker and writer. There is no room for me. What should I tell and write? Ms. Artist, this is not fair. I was anxious for the artist to notice my mind. But the artist looked at me as if he knew what I was up to. Take it easy, easy. Let’s spend a day letting everything down. On the day when the artist opened her new nest to the public, she cannot have been comfortable but she patted me on my shoulder when I was nervous. Surprisingly, my impatience and anxiety stopped all of a sudden. I started to see the artist and her studio only. Life and space embroidered with a lot of colors lied before me. Excuse me? I set my foot in her own realm with a mind refreshed. Soojak . I would like to put it this way for me to have a brief but intense meeting with artist Insook Hong. Like this word has several meanings, I hope readers to meet several colors of her.

Chapter 1. Exchange words

The artist was born and grown in Suwon, and has been worked in Suwon as a native of Suwon. There was no art institute in Suwon that she remembered as a ‘country’ in her childhood, but she created her own art through ‘people’, not ‘institute’. Considering her childhood when she enjoyed small school and great nature remained in her sketchbook and was painted on a canvas, can the ‘non-artistic’ past be of the artistic worth?

While the artist and I met each other several times, she did not easily open her story on her working. Even I did not ask her to tell me about her working. Instead, she brought up conversation topics such as politics, travel, people and their daily lives, and I added my thoughts of one kind or another. When we put an end to our conversation, she handed me a few books carefully. I think you can know about me better. I jumped at the books as if aperitif gave me a big appetite. <Inspiring conversation>. Like the title of her exhibition, I was inspired by dialogue with her.