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Homo Musicians

Music stimulates human emotions. When you listen to a calm song, you think, and when you listen to a fun song, you dance. Music can also emotionally connect the person who plays or sings to the person who listens. It is to build a consensus through music, and this emotional bond has played an important role in the growth of humanity as a social animal. What is music to humans? Why sing and enjoy music? Music can be said to be a mystery of human evolution that shows humanity that cannot be explained biologically.

The ability to speak, or language, is a unique trait that we humans have that distinguishes them from other animals. So the origin of language is also linked to the origin of music. Because to sing, you must be able to make sounds. People who speak and make tools are people who sing and make music.

Diversification of sounds for exquisite information exchange for humans, social animals, has helped tremendously in improving viability. Community is a group that shares various and accurate information related to life and death in their own language. In order to send and receive accurate information, the key is to create a sound with a different tone. So, the process of elaborating the ability to produce different sounds is no different from the process of developing human language. The sound of different heights and different lengths, that is the song. That's why Steve Meeson's argument that the early language started from a sound like a chorus humming seems to make sense.

Elaborate communication was an essential skill for hunter humans. Recklessly screaming at a raging mammoth, throwing a spear, and rushing recklessly is akin to suicide. Rather, it is clear that the skill to increase the success rate of hunting was to clarify the division of roles among members participating in the hunt and to communicate and cooperate with each other in sufficient and efficient language about how to suppress the prey. The ability to communicate sufficiently and accurately in such a sophisticated language was an important ability for mankind to survive.

Human evolution can be said to be a process in which our DNA is reborn as a new life form through generations. So the music is always new. Even without learning, new music continues in the new generation. The reason BTS' songs resonate all over the world is probably because of the instinctive desire for new music. Today, modern humans are homo musicians who constantly create new music to be happy and to make society beautiful. Just as DNA is linked and compounded to create the outcome of new evolution, changing music is another gift from evolution to us.

The community that cannot communicate will eventually disappear. Before it's too late, I imagine Yeouido, which is full of homo musicians who sang in a soft humming.

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