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Kim Joong-up Architecture Museum online exhibition launched

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○ Sungyong Park: This is the time for “Gyeong Gi Culture,” , to quickly deliver the cultural news of Gyeonggi Province. We are together every Friday. Let's meet Reporter Park full of bright energy. Hello. Reporter Park!

▶ Suyoung Park: Hello. This is Suyoung Park, a ‘Culture News Messenger’ that quickly delivers cultural news such as various exhibitions and performances in Gyeonggi-do. Today, we brought news from museums representing Anyang City. These are ‘Anyang Museum' and ‘Kim Jung-up Architecture Museum'.

○ Sungyong Park: Anyang Museum and Kim Joong-up Architecture Museum? Which museum is it?

▶ Suyoung Park: These two museums are actually located in the same space. Both of these places were designed by Kim Joong-up, a master of modern architecture, who made great achievements as the first generation architect in Korea, such as the French Embassy and the Gate of Peace, and are places where you can easily understand the history and culture of Anyang.

○ Sungyong Park: These are museums that truly represent Anyang City. But isn't it currently closed for COVID-19?

▶ Suyoung Park: That's right. With the prolonged corona crisis, it is said that the Anyang Museum and Kim Joong-up Architecture Museum have started an 'online exhibition service' that has created a VR panorama of the permanent exhibition rooms. I'll hear from curator Jung Jae-eun about what kind of service it is.

▲ Anyang Museum, Kim Joong-up Architecture Museum 'Online Exhibition Service' museum selection page (Source: Anyang Culture and Arts Foundation)

[Interview/ Curator Jeong Jae-eun]

“The Anyang Foundation for Arts and Culture, which operates the museum, will start an online exhibition service that allows you to lively tour the site in advance without visiting the foundation website and the museum website from September 14 (Mon). This online exhibition has been prepared so that Anyang Museum and Kim Joong-up Architecture Museum, which have been temporarily closed due to social distancing to prevent COVID-19, can view the exhibition vividly through various online platforms.”

○ Sungyong Park: An online exhibition was introduced before, but this is the first time an online exhibition was created with VR panoramas.

▶ Suyoung Park: You can look forward to it. I also went in and was surprised. I can explore the museum space with 3D VR, but it seems like the exhibition room has been moved online.

○ Sungyong Park: Oh~ is that right? I'm curious. How can I use the lively “online exhibition service” of Anyang Museum and Kim Joong-up Architecture Museum?

▶ Suyoung Park: You can click the 'Online Museum' menu at the top of the homepage. I will hear from curator Jeong Jae-eun about how to use it.

▲ Anyang Museum 'Online Exhibition Service' exhibition viewing page (Source: Anyang Culture and Arts Foundation)

[Interview/ Curator Jeong Jae-eun]

“If you access the Anyang Culture and Arts Foundation, Anyang Museum, or Kim Joong-up Architecture Museum's website, you can use it in the 'Online Museum' menu. If you go to the 'Online Exhibition' menu at the bottom of the online museum and click the tagging button for each exhibition space, an overview of the exhibition and a description of the collection are provided in Korean and English along with photos. You can enjoy the exhibition as if you were playing a virtual game by utilizing various functions such as supporting enlarged photos of artifacts and videos for each exhibition room.”

○ Sungyong Park: I've been in now and it's very well decorated. Earlier, reporter Suyoung Park said, ‘I think I have moved the exhibition room online. ‘ It can be rotated 360°, and it feels like you are actually viewing the exhibits in a museum.

▶ Suyoung Park: You can view the exhibition in full HD on mobile as well as PC. Even those who are listening to the broadcast would want to go in now.

○ Sungyong Park: Now that I see purple, green, and red buttons for each exhibition space, I can see an enlarged picture and um... Can I see the video at the online exhibition?

▶ Suyoung Park: Yes, you can watch various videos of the museum in the online exhibition. You can’t watch the video without listening, right? Let's take a quick look at the process of excavation of Anyang Temple and its historical significance, which can be seen in the Origin of Anyang exhibition room.

▲ Video containing the excavation process of 'Anyangsaji' located on the site of the museum (Source: Anyang Culture and Arts Foundation's YouTube channel)

○ Sungyong Park: I think you paid a lot of attention to this online exhibition. Not only adults but also children will be able to enjoy it.

▶ Suyoung Park: That's right. From photos to videos, it was good visually, so it was perfect for children's eye level. However, going further from here, ‘Children's Online Education Program' is also prepared.

[Interview/ Curator Jeong Jae-eun]

“It starts on October 19th, and we plan to release one video every Monday. Various online education programs such as video content using animation, experiences of building construction, and collection stories told by curators will be an opportunity for children to understand our cultural heritage in a more fun and easy way. This program is running for free. It will be uploaded not only on the museum website, but also on social media such as Anyang Culture and Arts Foundation's official YouTube and Instagram. The second is the Anyang Museum Children's History Education Program, which runs from October 10th to November.”

▶ Suyoung Park: ‘Children’s History Education Program: A wise experiential learning experience in the classroom' is an education that allows you to understand Korean traditional feasts and customs. Education packages are sent to participants, so you can use them for a fee.

○ Sungyong Park: You mentioned the contents uploaded every week from October 19, such as a video using animation and experience of building construction, but I am curious about what kind of video it will be. Are there any programs for adults other than children?

▶ Suyoung Park: There is an exhibition-related program for adults. It is held four times as lectures by experts in Korean history, helping to make understanding of the exhibition easier and more fun. In addition, I will continue to listen to various online exhibition contents from curator Jeong Jae-eun.

▲ A view of the Anyang Museum building (Source: Anyang Culture and Arts Foundation)

[Interview/ Curator Jeong Jae-eun]

“The Anyang Museum operates a special exhibition under the theme of “Anyangsaji,” which will lay the foundation for Anyang from December 4th. This exhibition showcases the ancient history and culture of Anyang based on relics excavated from the millennium temple, ‘Anyangsaji'. To prevent COVID-19, we plan to prepare and operate non-face-to-face exhibitions using online platforms such as YouTube and images from the exterior of the museum. Above all, with this exhibition digital establishment, we will not only build an archive DB of exhibition contents and collections, but also expand into realistic communicative contents in the future in the era of the 4th industrial revolution to provide high quality online exhibitions to visitors.

○ Sungyong Park: I was really surprised today. I thought this was “online exhibition”. We are very excited to see what content we will show next and how it will surprise you.

▶ Suyoung Park: I hope that the listeners also visit the Anyang Culture and Arts Foundation, Anyang Museum, or Kim Joong-up Architecture Museum's website and enjoy the 'Online Exhibition Service'. Anyang Museum and Kim Joong-up Architecture Museum are special because the space itself contains history. The detailed story I'll finish by listening to the story of Jae-eun Jung.

[Interview/ Curator Jeong Jae-eun]

"The museum buildings are renovated buildings newly remodeled to utilize the factory building of (former) Yuyu Industries, designed by the architect Kim Joong-up, which was engraved as the starting point of Korean modern architecture. In addition, the remains of Anyangsaji Temple of the Gore Dynasty, which was handed down only as a record, were discovered, and the traces of the past and the present architecture are harmonized, and the history is filled with it. Reflecting the uniqueness of this meaningful space, our museum is recreating the exhibitions and educational programs it intends to operate in the future as online contents, so that visitors can more easily and enjoy the history and culture of Anyang. In this regard, we look forward to your interest in the future.”

▶ Suyoung Park: Even if it is difficult to visit the museum now, you can enjoy the history and culture of Anyang anytime, anywhere by going beyond the space. We are preparing interesting and informative contents. We ask for your interest.

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