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The GyeongGi Cultural Foundation North GyeongGi Children's Museum (Director Munsong Pyo) will be reopened on November 1 after a 10-month renovation. The North GyeongGi Children's Museum, newly created with the theme of “Children Dreaming in the Forest,” is planned to be operated as a representative cultural facility in the northern region of Gyeonggi, consisting of a beautiful cultural and artistic creative space where children's free imagination and courage grow.

As it was transferred from Dongducheon to Gyeonggi Province, the North GyeongGi Children's Museum has exhibited the existing <Explore the Dinosaur Forest>, the <Forest Ecology> with a large ant cave, and the ‘Secret Pond' that applied the principles of water and science encountered while playing in the valley water. The exhibition of <Rumbling and Exciting Valley Water> was renovated.

In particular, we will pay attention to the exhibitions and educational programs that intensively tried to change while reopening. Based on the ‘forest of the past', which is symbolized by the dinosaur forest, which is an existing exhibition, the concept of ‘the present forest' and ‘the forest of the future' was additionally linked, and the theme of the museum's exhibition and education was reconstructed in context. 'The Forest of the Present' is unfolded as an exhibition of <Five Gamtonous Senses in the Forest>, which awakens the senses in the forest with the five senses, the representative character of the museum. This exhibition consists of an experiential exhibition where children learn themselves to experience the reality of nature and forests that are being destroyed by environmental problems in modern society and try to revive them.

In addition, ‘Forest of the Future’ is a digital media education on the themes of ecosystem, environment, and peace in <Media Lab>, an educational space for seniors in elementary school. With media education through media appreciation, participation, and discussion, the museum's audience has been expanded to the fifth and sixth grades of elementary school.

Various amenities for visitors have also been renovated. On the 1st floor, <Green Stairs> allows you to relax and enjoy media, and in the newly created cultural space, various cultural and artistic experience programs for family visitors will be held. In addition, the works of 「Wishing Chair」 reflecting the characteristics of the northern region of Gyeonggi Province adjacent to the DMZ are expected to be regarded as a new landmark element of the museum.

To commemorate the reopening, the North GyeongGi Children's Museum (Dongducheon) and GyeongGi Children's Museum (Yongin), which became one of the members of the family, will host a special performance, ‘Crushed Children's Concert (Child + Adult = Child).’ This performance, which can be enjoyed by both children and the whole family, including adults, will be held in the lobby of the GyeongGi Children's Museum (Yongin) on October 24th, and the Chameleon Zone on the 1st floor of the North GyeongGi Children's Museum on Saturday, October 31st. This performance, held in Seoul, will provide a different experience from traditional concerts by playing baroque music by an orchestra composed of ‘Recorders', which is the most familiar instrument for children. The GyeongGi Children’s Museum and the North GyeongGi Children’s Museum plan to run a regular “mixed-up children's concert” that introduces and educates various musical instruments and music.

This concert can only be attended by visitors accompanying elementary school children after applying in advance. Applications can be made on the North GyeongGi Children's Museum and GyeongGi Children's Museum homepages or the GyeongGi Cultural Foundation's integrated member site, GG Members (https://members.ggcf. kr/). For children who could not attend the concert, the video will be provided through the YouTube “Eobak TV” channel in the future.

For more information, please visit the North GyeongGi Children's Museum website.

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