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Toes are also precious

Kim Dong-in's novel, ‘Toes resemble', ending with the comfort of "There are similarities in the face as well as the toes." It satirizes the ‘laughing' reality of compelling that his genes must have been passed on. The place where M looked through the child's body and found that he resembled him is his toes. It is presumed that the toes are the most unnoticed among the various parts of the body.

In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that the toe is treated as a devil compared to its role. He was tied up in socks and stuck in his shoes, so he couldn't see the outside world properly. He had to carry out the heavy labor that he had to bear the weight of his master all day long.

Even if you suffer from that hardship, the only thing you can do is to receive the treatment of being rewarded for the hard work of the day with one unrequited soaping before going to bed. 'When comparing the hand and the situation of the family, it is not only Lee Manjeo who is sad. There are times when you don't even think about mistakes that aren't washed properly, and you're even contemplated for giving off a nasty smell. When we recall that the most important characteristic that distinguishes us from other animals is walking upright, walking on two feet, you can see how undervalued our toes are.

Walking on two feet means the liberation of hands, and it is often explained that mankind is walking on a new path of evolution by starting to make stoneware with two free hands.

However, as it turns out, the reason why mankind was liberated from their hands was because they had two feet. By having two feet, he was able to walk upright and his hands were freed.

Chimpanzee's hands are similar to human hands, but their feet are completely different. The feet suitable for two-foot walking were completed by aligning the toes in a position facing the front. When standing on two feet, the toes distribute and support the weight, as well as moving the center of gravity and moving the weight forward when moving forward, so you can walk with both feet. If your toes don't hold up and support your last strength, you can't stand upright or walk. And only humans have such toes.

Even though they are not treated properly, people like toes who silently do important things support our society. The head is important, but the toes are also important. They have different roles. If the head is cut off, it dies immediately, but even if the toe is cut off. It just takes a little longer. So the toes are also precious.

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