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Fire watching VS Water watching

There is a brain fade contest. It seems like a very easy game to sit blankly without thinking, but in reality, it is said to be a very difficult (?) competition with dropouts one after another. I think it is a competition that proves that it is not easier for modern people who are living in a busy day to forget everything and just have time to spend vaguely.

The first thing that comes to mind when brain fades is fire watching while watching the bonfire. Those who have the memory of watching a bonfire indifferently and for a long time can easily recall the charm of fire watching. The flower of camping loved as a breakthrough that allows us to breathe in the COVID-19 era is also a bonfire. The campfire cannot be missed even for the Chabaak tribe, who has emerged as a trend in these days. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they leave the car to have a time of fire watching with a burning bonfire.

Bonfires were a great gift to mankind in the Paleolithic period. Roasting food over a bonfire not only improves the taste, but also removes the toxicity of raw food. The type of food you can eat has increased tremendously. The quality of life has changed. The soft meat grilled over the campfire eliminated the need for large teeth and sturdy jaws. The space created by the smaller teeth and jaws could be occupied by the growing brain.

Mark Moffett, the author of the “Human Group,” with the subtitle “Why live in groups,” summed up the memories of spending the night with the Bushmen by saying, “Night becomes a time of story”. Imagine a scene where the bushmen, who sit around a flickering bonfire, hit a fire watching and talk about it. It's really nice. This time of fire watching and story time piled up and became us today. Thanks to the bonfire, mankind was able to become a social animal.

Another strong point in the brain fade world is water watching. The time that Tae-gong Kang spent fishing for years would have been water watching. Along with fishing, a representative of water watching, the aquarium water watching is also popular recently, where you can watch the fish swimming in a fishing tank and strengthen your composure. The era has come when the dogs and cats are standing shoulder to shoulder. Even when we hear the sound of the rain or the rippling stream, we feel an unknown calmness. Surely there is the comfort of water. As Neil Shubin emphasized in his book “The Fish In Me,” it may be because we have memories of living things that evolved in water a very, very long time ago.

Many people go to the mountains and rivers to enjoy fire watching and water watching to soothe the mind and body from COVID-19. We are really grateful that nature is by our side where we can have a leisurely recharge time while watching fire watching and water watching. So, I hope you can clean up your complex hair with fire watching and water watching and don't leave trash at the place you leave. Please don't let go of your mind just because you're fading.

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