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Play with Cosmos at Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri!

Imjingak “Pyeonghwa Nuri Adventure Play Facility” opened for children

The “Peace Nuri Adventure Play Facility” has opened in Imjingak, where children can play with the cosmos in full bloom. Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization opened the “Pyeonghwa Nuri Adventure Play Facility”, a children's play facility in Imjingak, Paju, on October 21st.

Gyeonggi-do has created facilities to meet the diverse needs of family-level tourists visiting Pyeonghwanuri Park and public camping grounds, and to provide not only spaces for simple viewing and relaxation, but also tourist resources that everyone can experience and enjoy.

▲[Photo]'Pyeonghwa Nuri Adventure Play Facility' in Imjingak Tourist Site (Source: Gyeonggi-do News Portal)

The Pyeonghwa Nuri Adventure Play Facility is a 3,000 square meter scale, and unlike the existing playground built with the installation of a uniform facility, children become an expedition together with their parents and go on an adventure to the 'Peace Nuri Castle'. It contains the story of learning and growing into an expedition for Pyeonghwanuri.

ou can go to the destination Pyeonghwa Nuriseong by choosing 3 types of play paths, such as curiosity, adventure, and nouri, from the starting line of operation site. ▲For infants who fill up curiosity by climbing low obstacles ▲Overcoming difficult facilities such as a narrow line For children to raise ▲We have organized a staged play area for all ages, such as GyeongGis that can be enjoyed by the whole family and water gun fights, etc., to help children develop creativity and emotions through active physical activities.

▲[Photo] 'Pyeonghwa Nuri Adventure Play Facility' Landscape Map by Course (Source: Gyeonggi News Portal)

▲[Photo] Panoramic view of 'Pyeonghwa Nuri Adventure Play Facility' in Imjingak tourist spot (Source: Gyeonggi-do News Portal)

The installed playground equipment uses first-class eco-friendly wood that is harmless to the human body, and the playground floor is made of natural grass. To prevent injury while enjoying adventure, we have installed fall prevention facilities and applied a rubber floor that meets safety standards under dangerous facilities.

In addition, in preparation for COVID-1919, a quarantine manager is designated to disinfect the rides every day, and make every effort to prepare for the operation, such as wearing masks and managing traffic to prevent crowding.

The playground is expected to become a new tourist attraction in northern Gyeonggi, along with the night tourism content business in the nearby Soulnuri. We hope that the Pyeonghwa Nuri Adventure Play Facility will be reborn as a space where parents and children visiting Imjingak can play to their heart's content and leave special memories.

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