2020 Gyeonggi Bay Salt Road Campaign

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Play with Cosmos at Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri!

Traveling with Your Smartphone and Studying DMZ!

Walking Pyunghwanuri-gil and Gyeonggiyet-gil Online

[Gyeonggi Tourism Organization]

Let’s get over the Corona Blues at Yeoninsan Mountain Provincial Park

Enjoy walking the DMZ with a smart phone

Pyeonghwa Nuri-gil application, ‘Pyeonghwa Nuri-gil Stamp Tour’ service to take place

Paju_Local interview : Providing a home for the artists

[ggc guide 2] Lee Soo-moon, Director of White Block

Yangju_Local interview : Memory archives

[ggc guide 2] Jung Bok-mo, Director of Cheongam Folk Museum

Pocheon_Local interview : Where liquor ripens under Sansa trees

[ggc guide 2] Lee Saeng-hwan, Part Leader, Sansawon

Goyang _Local interview : Increase creativity through cheese making experience

[ggc guide 2] So Jae-ok, Director of Goyang Dairy Cheese Theme Experience Center

Gapyeong_Local interview : Baengnyeonsa Temple

[ggc guide 2] Buddhist Monk Hyoman Sunim of <Baengnyeonsa Temple> in Gapyeong

Namyangju_Local interview : Museum of Silhak

[ggc guide 2] Jang Deok-ho, Director of <Museum of Silhak> in Namyangju

Yangpyeong_Local interview : Myeongdalri Forest School

[ggc guide 2] Kim Ju-hyung, Director of <Myeongdalri Forest School> in Yangpyeong

Uijeongbu_Odeng Sikdang

[ggc guide 2] The first-ever Budaejjigae restaurant in Korea

Uijeongbu_Seogye Park Se-dang Sarangchae

[ggc guide 2] Transcending ages

Paju_Roasting House

[ggc guide 2] House where coffee lovers gather

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